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Exterior Signage and Displays are crucial for your business. How else will someone find your business or learn of your products and services? Exterior signs can be anything from your logo on your business frontage to a directional or A-frame sign. When your sign or advertisement has to go outside you need durability. Sign Age uses the best Solvents in the business and uses the most durable and long lasting materials known to stand up to the desert sun. Ask us how to get the most life out of your exterior sign.

Let our Design & Illustration Department lay out an attractive, effective design for your business and we'll make sure the materials used are the best in the business. Call us or drop us an e-mail to start your project today!

Does your business have an effective outdoor advertising solution? One great way to promote your business, products and services are the very popular custom feather flags that come in many sizes and styles! They are a great exterior marketing tool that helps to get your message out there. Many companies implement teardrop and flying banners to increase brand recognition, advertise new merchandise or exhibit logos and slogans in a plethora of outdoor settings. Sign Age designs and custom prints the feather flags. Display options include the feather flag, teardrop banners, mamba flags and the framework for each in several different heights. They are lightweight and very portable. They can be stake mounted into the ground or can stand on the ground with or without the support of a water bag. 

Flag signs in tucson arizonaFlag Signs for a restaurant can speak directly to customers. You can market a new dinner or a food sale easily and effectively. These flag signs in tucson are bright yellow with red letters and clearly sell a restaurant and their taco sale.
Feather flags in tucson arizona by Sign AgeFlag Signs can complete your outdoor marketing solution. You can use these signs for any number of reasons including sale signs, store signs, grand opening signs and service signs. Flag signs can be anchored in many different ways and can be very effective.


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