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You may submit your files electronically by e-mailing them to our main e-mail .

We also have an upload folder: Use and FTP client like Filezilla


log in: customerimage

password: Files255!

Digital print art can be submitted in any standard format.

Although TIFF files and EPS files will generate good results, artwork is preferred to be saved in native format. Resolution is very important when these images are going to be substantially enlarged.

For best results save as follows: 100% file size saved at 100dpi, 50% file size saved at 200dpi, 25% of size at 300dpi. Also, a CMYK color profile will represent the color that prints more accurately. RGB will print, but the color is more subjective to our color software and less predictable.

Please call our art department for more information at (520) 806-9322.

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