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Vehicle Graphics Tucson by Sign Age. Vehicle Wrapped in fire- Cars, trucks and trailer graphics and wraps

vehicle wraps by sign age in tucson arizonaSIGN AGE IS THE VEHICLE WRAP EXPERT!vehicle graphics tucson

Whether it be full color vehicle wraps, vehicle graphics or magnetics Sign Age is Tucson's choice for designing and installing professional, eye-catching vehicle graphics. Cover your vehicle with your logo and other business information and tap into the 22,000 - 75,000 people that see your vehicle every day when you drive to work or around town conducting business.

Full color Vehicle Wraps can be designed to cover all or a portion of your vehicle. Vehicle Graphics can cover a smaller portion of your vehicle to promote your business and services offered and can be very effective in grabbing the attention of fellow drivers. Also, if temporary magnetic vehicle graphics interest you we can make you high quality, eye catching vehicle graphics on a magnet.

Vehicle wraps and graphics are red hot for businesses promotion. They are affordable and effective. The process of producing and installing vehicle graphics has become easier and cheaper due to the growth of the industry and advancements in materials.

car graphics by sign age in tucson arizonaCar Wrap Advertisingtruck graphics in tucson

It’s a great value for your advertising dollar. Statistics from the American Trucking Association and the Outdoor Advertising Association of America indicated that car wrap advertising costs less than $1 per thousand impressions (CPM). Compare that to $2 CPM for static billboards or $22 CPM for a one-day quarter-page newspaper ad, and it’s no wonder that the vehicle wrap industry is growing rapidly. Based on this information, vehicle wraps appear to provide the lowest cost per impression of any advertising method.

Trailer wraps and graphics in tucson

truck and car wraps in tucson by Sign AgeHow important are vehicle graphics to your business?trailer graphics in tucson 

Marketing is a key to success for any business. This has been widely known since the Greeks created the republic. I think Plato was quoted saying, "Thou shalt make those aware of your melons in order to sell them." Maybe it was Aristotle that said it first.

All kidding aside, The best and most effective way to market your goods and to achieve the best ROI (return on investment) is often overlooked. It is vehicle graphics. The up front costs of vehicle graphics can seem high but the return on durable and well designed graphics will last for years. Also, when comparing the up front costs to other advertisement options like radio,TV or billboards ads, vehicle graphics are the best overall value.

quality vehicle wraps in tucsonHere are some reasons to get your vehicle wrappedcar decals and vehicle graphics in tucson

3M found that vehicle graphics have the potential to reach over 3000 people every hour if you drive on busy roads.

vehicle graphics in tucson

You can use your car to advertise 24/7 if you park your car in a visible parking lot.

Any company vehicle that is not wrapped is not tapping into the advertising return a vehicle provides. Don't let your company vehicle waste away- it is your moving, working billboard.

Lastly, there are so many ways to use your vehicle. It is a five sided blank canvas. Our graphics department can help you fill that canvas with powerful vehicle graphics that are clear, effective and worth every dime. Whether you have a car, truck or trailer, you need it wrapped!

Contact us today! Don't put off vehicle graphics any longer.

Here are some vehicle wraps we've done for our Tucson clients:

Mrs. Green's World Vehicle Wrap in Tucson

Mrs. Greens World Volkswagen Jetta vehicle wrap. This wrap covers the entire car with sharp and stunning graphics. Vehicle wraps that are pretty and fresh steal the spotlight on the roads. Everyone notices a great vehicle wrap.

Shaffer vehicle wrap in tucson

Shaffer Dry cleaning vehicle wrap. Their vehicle graphics are clean and recognizable. They display Shaffer's services to everyone on the road. Vehicle graphics like these are a must for any business.

Cartridge World vehicle wrap in tucson

Buffalo Exchange's vehicle wrap for their on the road display and sales. This vehicle wrap covers the stylish trailor but leaves the metal to show around the graphics and bright colors. Who wouldn't look at this when passing them in the road.

Gieco truck wrap in tucson

Geico's vehicle wrap. This wrap is on the Geico truck. If you're looking to get noticed on the road you need sharp eye coating vehicle graphic design but you can also wrap an unusual type of vehicle as well. This is a perfect example of vehicle wraps that work.

Jimmy Stewarts bus wrap in Tucson

Jimmy Stewart's Weather bus wrap! This really turned heads. A bus is a lot of non-city regulated advertisement space. Wrap a bus today and get maximum exposure.

1030 AM vehicle wrap in Tucson

This vehicle wrap is for Sign Age used deep blue's and a sharp image of cactus to catch the eye. This vehicle graphic is simple, pretty and very effective.

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